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The therapeutic aspects of Asanas and Pranayama have been known for centuries.

Two key aspects of asana practice within the Iyengar system are sequencing and duration. By practicing asanas in a particular sequence, a powerful cumulative effect can be achieved. Regarding the aspect of duration, postures are held for considerable lengths of time to allow the effects to sink deeper into the practicing individual.

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Pranayama improves your health in many ways.

Pranayama should only begin after a firm foundation in the asanas has been established, as it demands the alignment, flexibility, lung capacity and training necessary to sit and breathe correctly while practicing. Pranayama improves your health in many ways including toning the circulatory, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems as well as activating the internal organs and creating a feeling of energy and calmness. Equally important is that it also brings the mind and senses under control so that the practicing individual is ready for the experience of meditation.

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